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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Reference Shelf: The Creative Family

The Creative Family
by Amanda Blake Soule

It's probably hard for any of us, much less our children, to imagine a time before computers and television or even radio, when families gathered after an evening meal for some entertainment and play with each other rather than with electronics.  Traditional parlor games, those that do not require any materials, such as a board or cards, are one of the ways families passed the time together.  These games provided a way for them to be together -- imagining, creating, and playing.  Blindman's buff and charades are perhaps the games that have carried over most into our modern times, but there are manymore that are similarly creative, open-ended, and fun for the whole family.

There seems to be less time in our lives for such games now, but I think that might be because we are out of the practice of playing together.  So often, we separate to our own bedrooms or to playing with those our own age.  I encourage you to give an evening of parlor games a try in your home after dinner some evening or on a regular night each week.

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