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The Bookcase

One glance at this blog and you can see books are a big part of our life.  We make weekly trips to the library; we give books as gifts; and I read to each of our daughters every night.  And I'm always reading at least one book myself.  Some people can't live without cats -- we can't live without books.

Here are some of the books you can find on this blog and in our bookcase.

The Reference Shelf
A monthly feature highlighting books that are inspiring and helpful.  Start here when you need ideas.

The Holiday Shelf
Look here for books related to specific holidays.  Accessible year-round, I keep these books in "calendar order" on the shelf.

The Circulating Shelf
These are the books we read and sometimes re-read, from our own collection and from the library.  I highlight three of these books every week in my Tuesday Tales post.

The Author Index
A running list of authors and books mentioned anywhere in this blog.  This list is organized alphabetically by each author's last name.