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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Tales

A weekly peek at what we're reading.
Post your peek in the comments and share your favorite books!

Anne is reading
The Penny Whistle Christmas Party Book by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar

Decorations seem to accumulate over the years and become traditions in themselves, particularly when children make ornaments that grow more valuable as the children grow older.  There is often an air of excitement for kids in simply bringing down the box of holiday decorations from the top shelf of the closet and placing these family treasures around the house, as well as handing down decorations from generation to generation.

Holly is still reading
Thistle and the Shell of Laughter by J. H. Sweet

There was silence for a moment.  Then they heard a low amused chuckle from the forest and fog surrounding them, and the Sprites of Laughter began happily laughing again with the beautiful tinkling sound of musical wind chimes.

Lily is reading
Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas by Julia Rawlinson

It was an ice-bright Christmas Eve, and the sky was a dazzling blue.  Every tree in the forest was frost-sprinkled and sparkling, and frozen puddles creaked and crackled under Fletcher's paws.

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